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All New Honda CRV 2013 SUVs Becomes Bestselling In Dunia0

All New Honda CRV 2013 SUVs Becomes Bestselling In Dunia0
Aulia Puspa April 13, 2013 Automotive News, Honda, SUV - Best-Selling SUVs All New Honda CRV 2013. Outstanding achievements by successfully held among flagship car from honda, the honda cr-v. The car that was in the origin of Japanese SUV segment was recently named the world's best-selling car suv in 2012.

These achievements along with the increase in sales price of all new honda cr-v 2013, which is the latest generation and has recorded a number of car sales of 635 256 units during the year 2013.

For additional information, cars honda cr-v has begun to be introduced to the motoring public since 1995 the world has been sold in the past and getting over 160 countries in the world. In Indonesia alone, prestige honda cr-v also recorded very well. During the year 2012 ago, honda cr-v in Indonesia has managed to record sales of cars up to as many as 14,753 units.

Trend sale honda cr-v is positive in 2013 continued in the which is the latest model of car there is the All New Honda CRV, 2013, in which so far up in March alone honda cr-v has recorded sales of 7,786 units in period of 3 months ie from January to March. This new generation has been introduced since the end of 2012 IIMS

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