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Newest Car Modification Toyota Yaris Cool And Sporty0 

Aulia Puspa April 15, 2013 Hatchback, Modifications, Toyota - Modification Toyota Yaris Sport Style. For those of you who have not been able to visit the first series Accelera Auto Contest 2013, which was held in Surabaya on June 13-14 april 2013 the one by - by the article of the event it is a toyota yaris car modification cool with domination yellow accents on the body makes this car be different. 

Car into the professional contest this segment is one of the cars owned by andre student majoring in agricultural colleges Surabaya, with the theme is hella flush. 

For additional information, if the latest yaris toyota cars for the year 2013 has been prepared (See also: All New Toyota Yaris 2013 Indonesian) 

Uniquely to prepare this car modification contest, andre admitted only takes a month. Implementation of only 1 month. As well as the process was also accelerated, andre said kindly. 

For business costs, the allocation of the cost can be fairly economical for business contest, which just touched the figure of Rp 40 million. 

Substitution in the exterior which brought not only the exterior color accents dominated by the color yellow, which perubahab on the outside rearview mirror, gas cap, rear roof and headlights andre also put a sticker. To the outside rearview mirror, gas cap, and rear roof he put stickers various maca

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