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The World's Best Selling Subcompact Cars, Ford Focus0

The World's Best Selling Subcompact Cars, Ford Focus0
Aulia Puspa April 14, 2013 Automotive News, Ford, Sedan - Best-Selling Cars In The World Ford Focus. According to the final data registration global market POLK 9 april 2012 at 2013 yesterday, the Ford Focus has been officially crowned as the best-selling passenger car in the world, with the Ford F-Series pickup to get the third rank and Ford Fiesta in the category of best-selling subcompact car.

According to data from the automotive, Focus compact car sales reached 1,020,410 cars in the whole entire world, simultaneously increasing the market to focus on china and the united states and Indonesia alone

Ford sales in china itself claims rose 51% from last year in which the market is absorbing at least one of the four Focus vehicles sold globally according to registration data polk. Focus sales in the United States alone also increased 40% from 2012, also contributed greatly to the global development of this best-selling new car.

Not only the world's best-selling vehicle earned a whole, the data also confirm that polk Ford Fiesta reach the highest position as the best-selling subcompact car in the world, with 723,130 sales in the last year.

Overall, the registration of small cars Ford - Fiesta and Focus - reached 1,743,540 vehicles in 2012. Focus and the Ford Fiesta is the culmination of our One Ford global product, said Jim Farley, Ford's Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales And Service And Lincoln.

Our global product stirred emotions especially customers in a very competitive segment, and best-selling - with a unique combination of fuel efficiency, high quality, content-rich and personality fun-to-drive. Passed one ford, we can serve the economies of scale as well as fantastic value to customers around the world.

Registration of new vehicles globally for f-series achieve sales of 785,630 trucks last year ie 2012, placing it in the rankings no. 3 among all vehicles sold worldwide. F-series pickup has become a best-selling American during 36 years in a row.

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