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Price Peugeot RCZ Sports Car 2013 In Indonesia0

Price Peugeot RCZ Sports Car 2013 In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 18, 2013 Price Cars, Peugeot, Sedan - 2013 Peugeot RCZ Indonesia. Carry the flow of a compact sports car, Peugeot RCZ is very fitting for those driven by dynamic and always want to look stylish while doing daily activities. Peugeot sports car made by this also reflects the luxury class in addition to the sporty car dna. There are 2 variants of choice, namely premium and sport, Peugeot RCZ has ordered a total of 14 units during the first launch at IIMS 2012 car exhibition in conjunction with the plan last car Peugeot 208 2013 Indonesia which will be launched this year.


Peugeot RCZ has an exterior design that can captivate anyone who sees it. Shape grille, bumper, and headlamps multireflektor and the addition of a pair of fog lamps create a luxurious feel for the peugeot sport sedan. Furthermore, at the stern, there is a "double bubble" (double bubble) on the roof of the car Peugeot RCZ give an exclusive look that can not be obtained from other cars in its class. The double bubble roof plan also makes the car more aerodynamic Peugeot RCZ. Then, the rear combination lamps also use ledKelebihan New Vixion Motorcycles Yamaha Lightning0
Aulia Puspa April 18, 2013 Motor Laki, Motorcycle, Yamaha - Newest Motorcycles Yamaha Vixion 2013. Latest motorcycle Yamaha V-Ixion is pretty phenomenal motorcycle yamaha belongs. Especially after experiencing the turn of the latest models with frills lightning behind him, continues to skyrocket sales and indisputable again. Surely this is because excess motorcycle new yamaha v-Ixion is not owned by another motorcycle. Here are some advantages of the new Yamaha V-Ixion:

1. Performance Machine

Since its first appearance in 2006, this bike has been well known for having a pretty fast machine. What's more this bike is the first man that carries the motor SOHC with liquid cooling technology, known as the radiator. Yamaha R15 is derivative engine performance and ease of maintenance that do not need to doubt, all of motorcycles in Indonesia consumers already recognize machine reliability yamaha v-Ixion.

2. Fuel Consumption affairs

Injection motor that uses this technology is quite efficient in comparison with men motorcycle class. This is due to the injection technology equipped in this vixion yamaha new motorcycles can produce a balance of performance and fuel use.

3. Chassis deltabox

Deltabox chassis is the best chassis that has been used on new motorcycles in Indonesia. Racing bikes like the motor used in the arena moto gp championships also use this type of chassis. Due deltabox chassis has high chassis rigidity compared with any chassis.

4. Monoshock suspension

New Yamaha V-Ixion has a famous monoshock suspension precision and comfortable ride. Driving with monoshock chassis manual yamaha v-Ixion more sharp and stable despite the use dala and spoiler peugeot sport sedan makes it look more sweet and looks compact. To picture this 2013 Peugeot RCZ can be seen at the bottom of the article.


Leather materials used in the cabin Peugeot RCZ has successfully made the interior of this car is very comfortable dikend

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