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New Cars Toyota Tundra 2014 Already Diperkenalkan0

New Cars Toyota Tundra 2014 Already Diperkenalkan0
Aulia Puspa April 17, 2013 Automotive News, Pick Up, Toyota - Cars Toyota Tundra Indonesia. Chicago has always been a city that has a special meaning for toyota, especially for their latest car toyota tundra, pick-up premium flagship automotive giants from Japan is for the market of North America.

Yes, in 2013 the toyota back can introduce tundra 2014 in the event the car show chicago auto show, exactly six years after the car first generation tundra was first exhibited to the world, which was also in the car exhibition chicago auto show. If at first glance just from the front probably looks like New Toyota Fortuner 2013 Indonesia.

So far this is indeed not a lot of information that could be unveiled on toyota tundra this latest. However many rumors say that the tundra in 2014 taking style design that is more aggressive than the kind that is already on the market today.

Not only entrust style design with an aggressive form, tundra latest will also be put forward in terms of keiritan in the affairs of fuel consumption. As well as using the latest technology applied by Toyota to pursue fuel efficiency of this car.

Direct injection is the first formula toyota to reduce fuel consumption, although there are other options

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