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Pros And Disadvantages Genio Honda Civic EG & SR0

Pros And Disadvantages Genio Honda Civic EG & SR0
Aulia Puspa April 8, 2013 Honda, Used Cars, Car Tips - Car Buying Guide Used Honda Civic Genio. Cars of honda civic variant of the 5th generation is also commonly known as the honda civic EG has a production period of 1992-1995. In Indonesia alone honda civic consists of 2 variants for type sedan (4 door) and hatchback (used car honda genio 2 door). The 4-door Civic Genio named to the manifold while the 2-door Civic named Estilo. Because honda car manufacturer itself is derived from the Japanese word Estilo Genio and was taken from the Japanese language meaning, meaning genius genio estilo meaningful and stylish.

Used Car Price Honda Civic Genio rivals that in his time possessed great weight of toyota corolla that uses the engine capacity of 1600 cc, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 16 valve exertion approximately 120 hp. Value of rest there are 2 variants namely the transmission is on offer manual and automatic. Spec is exactly the same engine which is embedded in the civic estilo car. Too bad spec machine sold in Indonesia is still among the lowest engine variants, Manufacturing in Indonesia is like a low specification to pursue cheap price. For the highest variant honda civic EG using 1600 cc engine, 4-cylinder, dohc, vtec, 16 valve and output could reach 165 issued DK, a very powerful car in its day. Do not miss the Used Cars Toyota Starlet, which until today is still quite popular in Indonesia used car market.

Pros And Disadvantages Honda Civic Genio - Estilo Genio

Excess Honda Civic Genio:

Dent body is rounded, aerodynamic rigid and does not make this car is not outdated though it was old.
Image Honda makes this car has a resale value / good selling price.
Although not carrying VTEC technologies as the Honda Civic Ferio (after generation Civic Genio) fuel consumption is quite economical, the city rata2 out of town about 1:10 & 1:12.
Quite a lot of spare parts in the market ranging from the original to the class KW available. Limbah2 body and viscera ex-Singapore also many who sell condition

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