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Subaru WRX Concept Car, 2014, The Visible Garang0

Subaru WRX Concept Car, 2014, The Visible Garang0
Aulia Puspa April 18, 2013 Automotive News, Concept Cars, Subaru - 2014 Subaru WRX Concept. After some time ago the world was introduced to the line up of the latest cars from the Subaru BRZ and XV suv, subaru now still using their main weapon in the legendary WRX car. At the exhibition new york international auto show 2013, which took place a few weeks ago (29 March - 7 April), they introduced their latest concept car display them, New Subaru WRX 2014.

Osamu Namba, subaru chief designer, said the new vehicle design he named dynamic solidity. Design it according to him is not going to leave strong and dynamic formula which is owned by subaru.

This concept car scheduled to be patterned blue subaru typical. Subaru's called blue WR blue pearl iii. Characteristic hexagonal grille as used subaru continue. Led headlamp on the front combined with a cross-wind (air diffuser) on both sides that the concept makes the new WRX looks grim.

WRX sports car DNA also decreased vehicle into this plan. Using a boxer engine and all-wheel drive propulsion can be guaranteed toughness of this sedan.

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