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Yamaha Vega Motorcycle RR With 20130 Injection Technology

Yamaha Vega Motorcycle RR With 20130 Injection Technology
Aulia Puspa April 24, 2013 Duck Motor, Motorcycle, Toyota - Latest Motor Yamaha Vega Injection 2013. Subsequently in 2013 the yamaha will immediately inform injection motor name newest entry in the segment duck low or cheap motorcycles in Indonesia. The motorcycle is a 2013 yamaha vega RR injection that the future will be one of the low entry injection motorcycle in Indonesia. Because honda and suzuki honda revo yet launched suzuki smash titan injection and injection. But if this injection yama vega slid to the market, it's not impossible that its competitors will soon follow.

Yamaha vega rr injection future will use the same base form with the yamaha vega zr are already being mass-produced in Indonesia is one year behind. But not exactly like yamaha vega zr, yamaha vega r experiencing tebeng turn on, turn signal lights, striping, rear lights and a new type of speedometer more aggressive.

Problem machines used by rr yamaha vega has designs machine that uses base yamaha vega zr with a capacity of 115 cc but with additional injection technology which exchanges function carburetor. With injection technology, more efficient rr yamaha vega, more powerful, and certainly more environmentally friendly than the yamaha vega zr are not using injection technology.

Indonesia's new motor was first launched in Thailand in late 2012 yesterday. Future specifications yamaha vega latest injection will have the same type of specifications with which launched in Thiland. What is interesting is the price Yamaha vega rr injection Indonesia will not quarrel much with yamaha vega zr injection has a feature that has not only disagree about 300 thousand dollars.

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