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New Car Suzuki Ertiga And Chevrolet Spin, Choose Which? 0

New Car Suzuki Ertiga And Chevrolet Spin, Choose Which? 0
Aulia Puspa April 18, 2013 Chevrolet, Family Cars, Suzuki - Comparison Suzuki Ertiga Cars And Chevrolet Spin. When compared with the family car in the price range of under 200 million. Both types of cars MPV is indeed quite similar to either of the dimensions, engine or interior. What's more they are the same the same new car to compete with the previous best-selling family car-avanza xenia. But in between the two cars, which one you choose is very fitting to fill the garage where you live? Let's look at a comparison vs Suzuki Ertiga chevrolet spin.


Although it has a somewhat similar size 11-12. Both lines have a line that is not the same. Suzuki Ertiga brings sporty design and dynamic lines, but chevrolet has a design that is more muted but hinted that the car is quite elegant viewed from any angle.

Suzuki Ertiga uses the same base as well with either of the suzuki swift exterior, interior, engine and chassis. Until this car looks like a stretched car suzuki swift. But Ertiga has a higher roof, tail length, and forms the front fascia looks more mature than the suzuki swift. Who felt less comfortable than the Ertiga Suzuki found on the rear exterior design bongsor so look sporty.

Furthermore, chevrolet car spin in 2013, we can get a cool car design, not too adventurous. But this car still carries the legacy chevrolet always use the split grille design with customized logo chevrolet golden. Form behind him looks sweet, especially when compared to Suzuki Ertiga. But when viewed with a more carefully, it seems kind of car Chevrolet Spin will feel a kind of dull for one year to the next and outdated.


Suzuki Ertiga can be called to have a very luxurious interior of the cars in its class. This is because the car has the same base with interior design called suzuki swift Dzire sedan version of suzuki swift in india. Placement of buttons starting from the audio button until the hazard lights placed so neatly in the car. But for those of you who want a better audio system, you must keep track of a special holder to replace the head unit congenital ertig

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