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Modified Honda Civic Sporty Spend Rp 250 Juta0

Modified Honda Civic Sporty Spend Rp 250 Juta0
Aulia Puspa April 16, 2013 Honda, Modified, Sedan - Car Modification Honda Civic Sport. At first the title race modification contest Accelera Auto Contest 2013 in Surabaya, there are a lot of themes modifications are carried by some participants and visitors awe-inspiring. One of them is the 2007 honda civic yellow dimodif heavily by the owner.

This car belongs to contestant named billy saputra. Men who went to one of the private college's decisive surabaya racing theme for this contest. Substitution which he modified, including all sectors, like eskterior, interior and engine. The owner provide leak that he spent approximately Rp 250 million for modification of this car in the past 7 months.

On the exterior, billy provide wide body kit as well as the civic body that looks sporty. Most elements of the exterior, like a hood, doors, mirrors, trunk and replaced with carbon fiber spoiler. Besides headlights replaced with a black matte color. Next to the rim using size 19 inch te 37 and wrapped by Achilles tires. What is interesting is the side door of the car using the door scissor type, such as lamborghini car. See also still in the same event, a contest AAC toyota Yaris sports car modification.

Back to the stern, modified rear lights with a darker color and added a third brake lamp on the rear diffuser. For the interior, the owners also remove the entire seat passengers. Trim the door using the landing plate. Then wrapped with custom carbon dash. Billy also gave a lot of accessories in the car cabin, like a tube nos, 6 point roll bar, carbon steering wheel, oil pressure indicator, oil temperature indicator, volt, tachometer, temperature exhaust. For the entire audio system, ac and interior lights are not installed.

Next to the engine, no engine capacity additions. But Billy said that his car engine

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