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Used Car Price Daihatsu Taft Still Pretty Mahal0

Used Car Price Daihatsu Taft Still Pretty Mahal0
Aulia Puspa April 6, 2013 Daihatsu, Car Prices, Used Cars - Car Prices Daihatsu Taft GT & Taft Rocky. Daihatsu Taft is a car brand that comes from the car manufacturer Daihatsu in Ikeda, Osaka, Japan. Not only the name Daihatsu Taft, this car on the market as well as scat or daihatsu daihatsu wildcat in most states.

By appearance, the outer shape Daihatsu Taft is similar to suzuki jimny there first. Though so, Taft still has its own charisma as formidable a used car with easy maintenance. But with the price of the car so it was not included in the category of cheap used cars for under 50 million.

Used Car Price Daihatsu Taft

Taft Independent GT 4 × 4 1998
Taft Independent Rocky 4 × 4 1998
Taft first generation cars produced in 1974 and given the production code named Daihatsu Taft F10. The car is built on the frame size (short wheel base), with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1. 0l. 4-speed transmission is equipped with a 2-range transfer case. But the type is on offer daihatsu f10 softop and hardtop versions.

At approximately 1977, replaced by a series f10 f20 Daihatsu Taft. Continue with short frame (short wheel base) but uses a gasoline engine with a capacity greater the 12R engine with the code, which has a capacity of 1. 6l.

At that time coincided, also introduced Daihatsu F50. Not the same as the first generation version, while still using short frame (short wheel base), the F50 uses a diesel engine with a capacity of 2 dg code. 5l. F20 and F50 also uses more vibrant transmission of the first generation. 2nd of this type on the market with softop and hardtop versions.

In 1979, Daihatsu introduced Taft pick up (in Australia and most other countries said to be a ute / trayback). For f20, pick-up version was coded Daihatsu Taft f25 production. But for the F50, given the production code Daihatsu Taft F55.

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