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Honda Civic Wagon, Honda DNA There Odyssey0

Honda Civic Wagon, Honda DNA There Odyssey0
Aulia Puspa April 13, 2013 Automotive News, Honda, MPV - Honda Civic Wagon MPV. If until now the prestige honda civic easier reminds us of a sedan car sedan concept sportscar, honda motor company now plans to give the car a gene that is not the same as a new breakthrough in the Japanese car. Word got out about the launch of this vehicle more widely heard, lately a lot of photo honda civic wagon form circulating in the world of automotive websites.

When viewed from most photo spread, look honda civic apparent not dressed as a saloon car, but tourer or commonly called a station wagon.

Although almost the entire outer body covered with camouflage accents typical black-and-white photo spyshoot cars, many many people who understand the car recognizes it as a tourer honda civic this is a mini version of the honda odyssey.

But appearances can be called similar front hatchback, then the stern side looks like a new version of Honda civic cars ever displayed in the arena geneva motor show last month.

For problems or engine power that is used, expected to honda civic tourer will be holding i-DTEC diesel engine ultra, 6-liter and can generate power of 118 hp and torque of 300 nm. Reportedly, Honda will soon be marketed in 2014, and the latest information mentioned car Honda civic wagon version will not be sold to the United States market. What about Indonesia? Are we able to enjoy this mini version of Honda odyssey?

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