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Recent Provia Hino Trucks Launched Soon In Indonesia0

Recent Provia Hino Trucks Launched Soon In Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 15, 2013 Automotive News, HINO, Trucks - Hino Trucks Newest Provia 2013. To boost sales of truck variants in group 5, PT. Hino Motor Sales Indonesia planned to launch a new variant, which is devoted to the location of mining and mining industries.

"Our plan in the first half to launch our latest variant called Provia," said Santiko wardoyo, as director of sales and promotion, media gathering hino time in Sukabumi (13/04).

According to him the sale hino 5 group that last year only managed to sell some 160 units, but this year they are aiming to be able to sell some 400 units.

"Look at the growing infrastructure changes, after our survey, we are optimistic and brave, but a bit pessimistic in mining, having earlier Hino Ranger truck first rolled in 2013." He concluded.

HMMI Expands Plant to Increase Production Areas Car

PT. Hino Motors Manufacturing Indonesia (HMMI) gives the amount of annual production capacity for the expansion of the area where the factory is located in the beautiful hill industry, Purwakarta, West Java.

"This time, our factory area of ​​25.5 hectares. Because it allows us to produce 75. Hino 000 unit in the duration of 1 year, "said Hadi Setiawan, assistant product manager license certificate 7 corporate affairs division, during a visit to a gathering of media factory in Purwakarta (12/04).

According to him, hino motors manufacturing factory area which covers 25.5 hectares of Indonesia is divided into three locations, namely for small truck factory

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