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Collaboration Launch Mazda Mazda-Suzuki VX-1 Indonesia1

Collaboration Launch Mazda Mazda-Suzuki VX-1 Indonesia1
Aulia Puspa April 9, 2013 Automotive News, Mazda, New Cars - New Cars Mazda VX-1 Similar Suzuki Ertiga. Has become common knowledge, when 7 passenger vehicle segment remain in demand in Indonesia. Word got out about mazda vx-1 circulating the internet since 2 months ago, precisely in February 2013.

Because the figure mazda vx-1 is none other than Ertiga Suzuki metamorphosis. Is this going to be another collaboration of like Suzuki APV suzuki and mitsubishi maven over a year ago. Can be seen from the second design collaboration mitsubishi and suzuki car was exactly the same, just different badge only.

Cooperation in the field of automobile production between suzuki and mazda has long been done in Japan. Product starts from a city car suzuki alto re-badge so mazda carol. Then for suzuki, this is for the 3rd time the car design was adopted by other car manufacturers. At first the APV carry and re-badge so mitsubishi T120 and maven.

Already a lot of images spyshot mazda car vx-1. However, MMI remains close meetings related to her new car.

Astrid Ariani widjaja, marketing manager of PT MMI said, it now has not been able to provide information in this regard. Thank you for the question. But for now we have not been able to answer, and it certainly can update friends media at the right time, said astrid.

The same thing also expressed by Tuilan Davy 4w who has served as director of marketing & nd PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales, sorry, I have not been able to provide feedback on the Air

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