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BMW X4 Concept, SUV and Sedan Among Coupe0

BMW X4 Concept, SUV and Sedan Among Coupe0
Aulia Puspa April 10, 2013 Automotive News, BMW, SUVs - BMW X4 Concept Car. Businesses German premium car manufacturer, BMW design while expanding the genre of choice at customers more can be proved. After introducing sav type car (Sport Activity Vehicle) variants through flagship X1, X3, and X5, you also must keep in mind jikabmw already launched sac type car (Sport Activity Coupe) in 2008 through the X6.

Well, this time in the arena Shanghai Motor Show 2013 (21-29 April 2013), the German manufacturer is preparing to add to the line-up for the present SAC segment X4 concept.

Same like the larger sized X6, the X4 concept that blend in with the SUV coupe. The car was designed by Karim Habib and his team has a line of auto body curves similar to x6. Shortly design on the front and rear bmw 3 series inspired by the final generation and bmw 4 series coupe concept.

But Karim and his team do most little improvement. Like the LED headlights are getting the shape is not the same area with the 3 series and 4 series coupe. But for the main light itself has exactly the same form with 4 series coupe concept in the form of hexagonal. Side of the front bumper is designed in such a way that it looks dashing x4. Face itself looks like the letter x4 times.

To the rear, the BMW just did change a little. LED taillights have the same shape with 4 series coupe. Exterior elements that distinguish the new car trunks just smaller. But for the X4 concept itself has dimensions of length 4. 648 mm, width 1. 915 mm, height 1. 622 mm, and the wheelbase 2. 810 mm.

Unfortunately the bmw has not released interior pictures and specifications of the car engine that uses size 21-inch tires, but get a delicious party news bmw cars reportedly already agreed that this plan can enter the production line. This car can be assembled together with the X3, X5, and X6 in spartanburg, USA.

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