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Test Drive Car Review All New Honda City 2013 1.5 EA/T0

Test Drive Car Review All New Honda City 2013 1.5 EA/T0
Aulia Puspa April 19, 2013 Honda, New Cars, Test Drive - Review All New Honda City 1.5 E Not a secret anymore, if the vehicle sedan segment is a representation of success and success in life. One indicator is more expensive than the sedan taxes other cars in Indonesia.

Prestige value sedan has been initiated since the lowermost segment, namely mini sedan. When mentioning the bottom segment sedan is not separated from the name of honda city, which is one among the variants is quite dominant in the Indonesian car market.

Although this car into entry-level product, sedan honda city does not leave the impression of an elegant sedan. And has just launched in 2012 ago, Honda launched the all new honda city with more beautiful item updates with the latest technology typical honda.


Driving comfort
Futuristic design
Safety features
performance machine

No Fog Lamp Front
No Parking Sensor
The Gorgeous Exterior Design

Talking about the exterior of the car will always invite conversation that has no end. Namu

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