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VW Golf GTI cars in Indonesia 7 End of Year 20130

VW Golf GTI cars in Indonesia 7 End of Year 20130
Aulia Puspa April 9, 2013 Automotive News, New Cars, Volkswagen - Cars VW Golf 7 GTI 2013 Indonesia. This news was revealed directly by christiana joan, marketing communication and advertising specialist vw in Indonesia. It is true we will soon launch a new golf 7 gti to Indonesia. More precisely the time we can not inform you, but what is clear in the year 2013 we will guarantee 7 vw golf GTI entered Indonesia, joan said.

It was also agreed by rully Gupta, marketing manager vw Indonesia. Johan said, not only gti golf course, but some variant of vw facelift will be taken to Indonesia. This year we were there a lot of products to Indonesia, but the closest in duration are the latest golf 7 gti, said Gupta.

Regarding the new golf 7 gti, Gupta admitted that he is quite optimistic with these products. His performance was absolutely fresh, with lots of design changes on all sides, the Gupta.

As written by inautonews, Monday (8/4), in Europe alone though will be launched May 2013, new golf 7 gti can be ordered. In the blue continent, vw customers who have had to replace pingin with a budget of € 28. 000 or equivalent to Rp 351.1 million (exchange rate 12. 541). Vw golf seventh generation has just received an award as a world car of the year in 2013 was (Read also: Best Car 2013 VW Golf)

Spek is on offer for the european market is MQB platform which is now used by most new generation Audi A3, sporty chassis and a new body kit. Most of the other updates the diffuser, 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in tires size 225/45, sports car seats, steering wheel and paddle shift.

Power generated comes from a turbocharged 2, 0-liter. The manufacturer offers two choices of transmissions, the six-speed manual and dual-clutch 6-speed automatic.

For manual transmission, has tenag

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