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Suzuki EN 150 S, Ready to Compete With Honda Verza 1250

Suzuki EN 150 S, Ready to Compete With Honda Verza 1250
Aulia Puspa April 18, 2013 Motor Laki, Motorcycle, Suzuki - Motor Suzuki EN 150 vs Honda Verza. Since its first appearance some time ago to the present day seem honda verza not have to face a formidable rival head to head in a low market entry motor man. But the line-up of part suzuki motorcycle, suzuki has a motor that can be comparable to honda verza opponent, the suzuki en 150 which also has had injection technology.

This bike is a motorcycle designed by suzuki collaboration and china local brand named Haojue, although developed simultaneously does not mean having the same quality like motorcycle china. Due to the suzuki has a quality control that can be accounted for. And no doubt the quality suzuki en 150.

With this motor specifications head to head with honda verza once, because this motor also uses a single cylinder 150 cc engine with a vertical injection system called dcp fi, fi is said to feature the injection dcp has 12 patents and proprietary technology because technology is cutting-edge, in Among these are electromagnetic piston pump technology which only the injection suzuki motorcycle.

For business engine cooling, feature type radiator coolant has not been pinned on this bike. Types of machines with iron grilles heat release is still relied upon to replace a radiator technology is more expensive. Then fit kah when pitted head to head with honda verza 125?

Well next to body issues, this bike not apply monoshock suspension. The chassis still kind of backbone, not to apply the kind of trellis or deltabox chassis. Until this can be called motor designed for low entry indeed the motor man. Starting from the form of the fuel tank to seat motors entirely simple in design with no odd shapes like motor

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