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Used Car Price Honda Civic Genio, 3 Pintu0 Used Car

Used Car Price Honda Civic Genio, 3 Pintu0 Used Car
Aulia Puspa April 8, 2013 Price Cars, Honda, Used Cars - Used Car Price Honda Civic Genio. Honda civic type in Indonesia is actually comprised of two variants of the type sedan (4 door) and hatchback (2 door). The 4-door known as civic genio but that kind of 2 door civic estilo named. In the language of the sunrise, but the genius genio meaning meaningful estilo stylish. Civic genio which in turn has a serious rival the great cheap used cars toyota corolla carry a capacity of 1600 cc, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 16 valve exertion approximately 120 hp. There are two transmissions on offer namely manual and automatic. Honda engine specs to civic genio exactly estilo. Too bad spec machine sold in Indonesia this is starting very low caste, routines here are fond manufacturer spec makes chasing down selling prices. Highest caste of civic eg carrying the 1600 cc engine, 4-cylinder, dohc, vtec, 16 valve & ouput issued reached 165 dk.

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Estilo that in Indonesia there are fersi built up, and there is ckd. Who built up the larger plate is generally held, small ore swing arm due to the better path outside, and the style is not the same curve of the seat. So that ckd generally housed smaller plate, swing arm due to the path of the ore in sni less friendly, and the style is not the same as the curve of the seat fersi built up. This car is currently still classified mhala and popular karen model is not everlasting life, also because spoknya that fun to run. Issue price, sunguh unreasonable, this car just for the size 95 years still no one dared to sell Rp. 70 million in the smooth situation, but for the ordinary seems to remain at around Rp. 50 million. Fairly balanced if dibandingakan with Ha

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