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Suzuki Splash Car Auto Glide 26 April 20130

Suzuki Splash Car Auto Glide 26 April 20130
Aulia Puspa April 15, 2013 Automotive News, City Car, Suzuki - Cars Suzuki Splash Transmission Matik 2013. Since a week ago, exactly on 11 april, Sales Indomobil Suzuki is already planning to launch suzuki splash with automatic transmission to Indonesia. However, this issue nevertheless carried out with some of the suzuki own reasons.

"Yes, indeed originally planned to be launched into the market on April 11, the other day, but not so as there are many things that are still considered" Davy said Tuilan, 4w & dnd marketing director of PT. Suzuki Indomobil Sales sidelines of the event 'a grand gathering entrepreneurs' day last week (3/14/13).

For additional information, current facelift suzuki splash 2013 has rolled in India. We'll see when this car will be marketed in Indonesia, possibly later this year.

But this delay will not be long, because davy assured that suzuki splash automatic transmission still was launched in April of this. "On 26 April 2013 suzuki splash can be launched in Indonesia," he added.

Then, for Suzuki Ertiga automatic transmission can be booked in advance, but to be able to take home davy could not confirm the date. "But what is clear is in May, but the date remains undetermined. In the mid or end of the month. May, "he concluded.

Ertiga Suzuki Suzuki splash and automatic transmission is now indeed been long awaited by the population in Indonesia as a consumer car. Most reservations are also accepted dealer though to date they have not give the exact date when the new car has not been received since launched his own car. Need in InGaN and Ertiga Suzuki suzuki splash when it first launched was not available auto type, which hada just manually type it.

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