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Features Unique Features Nissan Juke The Not Biasa0

Features Unique Features Nissan Juke The Not Biasa0
Aulia Puspa April 9, 2013 Automotive News, Nissan, SUV - Features New Nissan Juke 2013. Nissan juke is indeed very unique, starting from the model, its proceeds to the unexpected global nissan. How could I not? The car was first launched in cherry country in 2010 is predicted to be terpasarkan number of 1,300 units, but the number of bookings it to 10. 930 units. Number which is fantastic is not it? Well, rather than curious, let's look at some of the unique features of the nissan juke!

1. Unique exterior
Nissan Juke is a new car that has a unique exterior shape. According nissan, nissan juke crossover is a car that uses nissan 370z coupe design concept is very popular. Nissan 370 z silhouette can be seen from the side and back of the form, especially on the shape of the rear lights owned this car.

2. Type Headlights
Headlights nissan juke has a storied lamp types with a design that is not at all the same. Type of circular headlights with integrated front grille can provide excellent illumination due to the form of the container where the lights, but the lights at the top of the hood aerodynamics gives the impression of fierce and futuristic on this car. The design of this kind can be met only at nissan juke.

3. Mid panel ala Tank Motor Racing
Nissan Juke has a center console that is designed like a racing car tank. Color is also made ​​unique console tune the color of the car's exterior, to the determination of dominance given vehicle exterior color interior color nissan juke.

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