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Car Modification Honda Jazz patterned Batik, Indonesian Love! 0

Car Modification Honda Jazz patterned Batik, Indonesian Love! 0
Aulia Puspa April 20, 2013 Hatchback, Honda, Modification - Modification Honda Jazz patterned Batik. We still have by the - by the contest for you from the hubbub of auto modification contest Accelera series first held in the city of Surabaya and barusaja ended last Sunday (14/4).

This time the car will be overhauled, the honda jazz which was produced in 2011. Plan that carried this time was quite unique, combining a mix of black and batik motifs on body modification honda jazz.

The hatchback car owner, kevin, mentioning that he had brought the car modification plan is currently integrating street racing culture of the western world and Indonesia on the exterior. By combining the elegant side with Indonesian batik. In the same event also showcased sporty car modification honda civic.

Modifications are shown through the use of typical west body kit, 17-inch rims, tires achilles, and spoiler mugen concoction. Furthermore, to taste Indonesian shown through the color motif batik shaped car. He mentioned that this motive is his own creation which takes 4 days to process.

A blend of western concepts and Indonesia also continues to be felt when you enter the car's cabin. The whole car seat, ceiling, door trim, floor mats lined up by batik cloth. Kevin said, I've bought fabric width of 16 meters. Atum in the market for car interior lining.

However, for modifications to the western concept on the inside looks at the use of carbon fiber on the door trim, dashboard and ceiling. Kevin entrusted to rockford audio system and speakers to generate sound using focal classy.

Beneath the hood, kevin give ground wire to help distribute the current and voltage that kin

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