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New Car Mazda 6 2013 BMW 3 & Compete With Audi A40

New Car Mazda 6 2013 BMW 3 & Compete With Audi A40
Aulia Puspa April 14, 2013 Automotive News, Mazda, Sedan - Mazda 6 2013 competitor of BMW 3 and Audi A4. Occurrences in the latest generation Mazda6 mid-size sedan segment can be affirming if the assumption that the difference between the premium brand German brand with the Japanese brand dwindling. Time was introduced in Indonesia on Wednesday (10/4), mazda 6 is priced Rp 535 million and Rp 538 million (which is colored red metallic soul).

The assumption that the price position in the Japanese mid-size sedans and small-size sedan has been there in the same price range of Rp 500 million. Although there is a difference of about ten million later, but assumes that the targeted segmentation can be defined the same as well as differences in the rate of Rp 100 million in this segment definitely is not a crucial issue.

Yes, at the time of developing the latest generation Mazda6, we have also tested the variants most German vehicles that have the same development philosophy, the bmw 3-series, Audi A4 and VW Passat. We think all three have the direction of the development direction of the Mazda6, the new car is fun to drive (comfortable ride), hiroshi said Kajiyama, product manager product division of the motor corporation mazda, Thursday (11/4).

Merely reminds BMW 320i Sport is priced Rp 599 million (off the road) and the mercedes-benz c-200 CGI Rp 559 million (off the road).

In the results of the test data, we are optimistic that the Mazda6 could compete with the three variants of the german above. Our confidence is based on the quality of the design and form of security device mazda no less. Additionally, the Mazda6 has the advantage factor in the use of fuel consumption more effectively and more spacious cabin, plus Kajiyama-san.

In terms of security, said the Mazda6 mazda prepared to obtain 5-star safety rating (the best rating) from Euro NCAP. The results obtained are not claimed 2nd rival weight of japan in europe.

From the pictures you can see on this page Kajiyama-san explained the protection factor of safety on the Mazda6, both for pedestrian (pedestrian) and the passenger in the cabin for sure. Among them under the bonnet there are some holes in the design end of the car, and on the side of the hood (above terms in the fender) is contrived in such a way as to reduce the beat with maximum impact during ongoing incidents or collisions.

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