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Car Sales Honda, 2013, Mastering Throughout the Territory of Di Indonesia0

Car Sales Honda, 2013, Mastering Throughout the Territory of Di Indonesia0
Aulia Puspa April 13, 2013 News Automotive, Honda - Mobil Honda in 2013 Top sellers Di Indonesian. A sense of happy is currently being blanketed PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the holder sole brands of cars Honda in soil water, above achievement which remarkable of sales its product on the in March 2013 yesterday.

Not only sales who positive, but according to the release data is GAIKINDO (Combined Industries Motor Vehicle Indonesian), honda can be outperform competitors-its competitors in order almost in the throughout classroom.

Overall, Honda noted its sales 11. 497 unit throughout the month of maret, or rose 20, 6% in appeal month of februari. Begins from segment hatchback, city car, suv, sedan until high segment of such as sports car, honda a success get a market share the largest.

On segment hatchback, New Honda Jazz reaching for market share 45%, and so contributors the largest on the overall sales Honda on month of maret, namely a number of 3. 668 unit, or rose 22% compared month of February (2. 999 unit). Subsequently honda brio increasingly shift the old players city car in Indonesia, inasmuch successfully lead sales in its segment, amounting to 2. 843 unit or market share 38%. This amount grew 97% compared month of february (1. 440 unit).

In classroom SUV, All New Honda CR-V make its competitors keteteran. Japan cars this keep the lead segment of suv in Indonesia with achievement of sales figures amounted to 2. 817 unit or market share 38%.

Later, types of sedan honda also become main actors in its market, namely amounted to 30, 3% in throughout Indonesia. Mini-class sedan, remain occupied Honda City with sales 499 unit on maret in 2013 or market share 66%. Is for small sedan, Honda Civic successfully lead his class with dapatkanan 436 unit or mastered the market 63% as well as the Honda Accord in 2013 mastered the market medium sedan with nicks sales of amounting to 13 units or market share 7%.

Achievement sales of honda also come from types of Honda CR-Z 2013, the which already in pasarkan times his first since IIMS 2012 last year. CR-Z recorded the figure of sales of a number of 96 unit with market share 61% in high segment as well as the lead sales in its class.

Two product cars honda who another who also experiencing positive developments on month of maret namely Honda Freed and Honda Odyssey 29 unit. Obviously this is a remarkable achievement upper hard work entire line of HPM during maret 2013. Jonfis fandy who served as marketing & aftersales service director at pt honda prospect the motor ago clapped their upper hand these achievements.

We thankful almost entire product honda a success dominate its segment each-each on month maret 2013. Let alone, product-new products our can be evidenced already in thank with a either by customers car in Indonesian, until can provide contribution an important on selling honda in total, said Jonfis inside broadcasts his press, rabu (9/4).

Basis overalls, until now this honda already recorded a car sales as much as 26. 772 unit as well as's market share over automotive amounted to 9% in throughout the location Indonesian. 

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