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iCar (iMove) Mobil Concept Artificial Apple Already Dirancang0

iCar (iMove) Mobil Concept Artificial Apple Already Dirancang0
Aulia Puspa April 16, 2013 News Automotive, City Car - Newest Car Made in Apple iCar. Companies Apple which ordinary we know as manufacturer of smartphone iphone tablet iPad who mastered sale of gadget in the throughout the world, without predicted previously also had the idea for develop the world the automotive, there are rumors regarding the car which is named apple ICAR (iMove). Founder Apple (Steve Jobs) which has the a dream for make this car during his lifetime. He plan a car which is named apple ICAR this and uses logo greatness apple as the emblems main the car is.

Can Apple Realizing Mobil Apple iCar?

Director apple inc, mickey Drexler mentions that the embody apple ICAR constitute a dream and ambition steve jobs for create revolution in inside the world the automotive. Dexler assess that the idea steve jobs always phenomenal, especially again can revamp management system global. As example namely gadget-gadget best-selling at this time such as iphone, ipad, ipod, macbook, imac which already revamp system of retail the world mobile, pc dekstop, music artist or applications itunes within the internet network global.

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