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Honda Brio Sedan Amaze 2013 Already Launched In India0

Honda Brio Sedan Amaze 2013 Already Launched In India0
Aulia Puspa April 13, 2013 Automotive News, Honda, Sedan - Cars Honda Brio Sedan Amaze 2013. Automotive market in Indonesia with India does have a lot in common. Many cars were launched and circulated in India will also be launched in Indonesia, and vice versa. An example is the Toyota Etios liva and Suzuki Ertiga, but the two cars have different name. Toyota Etios Liva launched in Indonesia under the name Toyota Etios Valco 2013 while Suzuki Ertiga in India Maruti Ertiga labeled. So with the launch of Honda Brio Sedan with Amaze name is quite crowded discussed its presence in Indonesia. The possibility of the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014 the car was launched in Indonesia, given the honda brio market in Indonesia is still quite popular. Surely the honda will wait until the prestige or news about Honda Brio Hatchback 2013 This dims first and then launched Honda Amaze in 2013 in Indonesia. This car also has been first slide in Thailand. (Read also: 2013 Honda Amaze launch in Thailand)

Take dna from honda brio, honda amaze could be a compact sedan designed to compete with cars of maruti suzuki. This amaze Honda in India priced starting from 4.9 lakh (€ 6.870). Order different from sedan cars that are circulating in the automotive world, this time honda amaze given 2 options namely petrol and diesel engines. Very rarely is not when a sedan car has a diesel engine?

Hcil senior vice president (sales and marketing) jnaneswar cent mentioned that this product will be a stepping stone industr

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