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BMW 5 Series Exclusive Sport Appears In Japan Price Rp 700 Juta0

BMW 5 Series Exclusive Sport Appears In Japan Price Rp 700 Juta0
Aulia Puspa April 16, 2013 Automotive News, BMW, Sedan - Exclusive Car BMW 5 Series Sport. Luxury carmaker from Germany, namely BMW, has informed the presence of-5 series sport exclusive in plain cherry country. For the latest BMW car types is getting some additional accessories as well as interesting features. What are added by BMW for the new champ? Remembering the day the world competition in the car even more competitive with the emergence of many new car with attractive features at a low price. In addition to several well-known brands such as Toyota and Honda is one of the first considerations when consumers decide to buy a car.

Bmw 5 series-exclusive sport on offer in two types, namely sedan and Touring (station wagon) with two engine options are also distinguished. So that was reported by a world renowned automotive websites inautonews, Saturday (13/4).

The variants include the 523i and 523d. For these types of carrying 523i turbocharged gasoline engine 2, 0-liter, but for the type supported by the 523d ​​diesel engine turbocharged 2, 0-liter. Both types are available in two color choices are limited, namely white and black carbon.

With the addition of body kit, 19-inch alloy wheels and three-spoke wheels m on the create view bmw 5 series sport exclusive look elegant. The interior is dominated by soft wood materials at lower dashboard and door panels, and soft leather on the seats, confirmed his impression as kendaraanmewah.

In Japan, the second car is on offer with prices starting at 72. 200 USD to 75,200 usd or equivalent to Rp 711.17 million - Rp 740.72 million (rupiah exchange rate 9. 850).

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