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There Sightings Facelift 2013 Suzuki Splash In Jakarta0

There Sightings Facelift 2013 Suzuki Splash In Jakarta0
Aulia Puspa April 19, 2013 Automotive News, City Car, Suzuki - Suzuki Splash New Facelift 2013. Now suzuki splash latest facelift will be launched in Indonesia have started caught on camera in the capital Jakarta. Cars that have the white color exterior differences are quite striking in the front of the car starting from the new bumper, where the fog lights are designed conical bottom from side to side and grille shape that blends with the vent below, separated by a garnish that has the same color the body of the car as the license plate holder, a glimpse of this car like its shape audi grill. But to look back terliat no significant changes from the previous version, the other with the photos that have been scattered in the virtual world that the rear bumper has a new splash grating wind holes in the left and right bumper, the picture we get is not seen the vent accents. But little overall change splash facelift looks more fresh and elegant.

For the composition of the interior of the car is still using the same type as the previous version. But if we look more carefully, there is a change in the JVC head unit that is usually used by suzuki splash. Suzuki splash currently using a car head unit integrated as most European output.

Unfortunately the latest car caught on camera is not just a splash suzuki matic transmission. But also divulge that the suzuki splash suzuki facelift will get the automatic transmission variant of the latest top suzuki splash. So we wait for further news about the latest facelift suzuki splash 2013, when its official launching. According to news circulating, splash suzuki car facelift 2013 will be introduced on the 26th of april 2013.

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